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  • 02/12/2011 - GP-Motard: REINVENTING THE FUN

    For those who loves 100 % asphalt SM track, BeOn Automotive has developed a kit, in cooperation with the world championship rider Mateo Túnez, to modify your MX bike into an awesome Supermoto.

    GP Motard

    GP-Motard is developed to optimize the speed turn and improve the dynamic behavior of the bike, thanks to the specific suspension setting, an modified ergonomic to improve the weight distribution and a super low center of masses.

    The kit allow the rider to use the MX handlebar or the clip-on depending his decision. Include the complete triple clamps adapted for the bike, 28 mm MX handlebar bracket, Front fork whit internal settings for SM, front mudguard, kit to modify the shock absorber, clip-on, car, complete rearsets, complete Brembo radial front brake, wheels with brake discs, rear sprocket, transmission chain and wheel axis.

    Kit adaptable for: Aprilia SXV, Honda CRF, Kawasaki KXF, Suzuki RMZ, Yamaha YZF y KTM SXF/EXC, desde el ańo 2006 hasta el 2011

    Take advance of the launch Price: 2,100 €* + VAT (valid until 29/feb/2012)

    The kit can be complemented with a lot of options: Display with lap timer, adjustable front fork cartridge, fuel tank shell, special "naked" front light, complete shock absorber, etc

    *launch Price for Spain, shipment not included.

    For further information contact us: - Tel. (+34) 699 07 46 49

  • 20/06/2011 - KTM SX250 GP - 2 Strokes Tirbute

    BeOn Automotive presents its last creation: The SX250 KTM GP. A 'Street Racing' motorbike based on the SX 250 KTM 2011, combining the explosive 2 strokes KTM and the well-known 450GP kit efficency.

    KTM SX250 GP

    Less than 100 kg propelled by a 50 HP engine, GP chassis and amazing 250 Grand Prix sensations. It will make your heart beat faster!

    BeOn offers a full or partial kit. For Prices and options contact us:

    For further - Tel. (+34) 699 07 46 49

  • 11/02/2011 - New BeOn Kit available for Aprilia SXV 450/550

    The last race in the MotoGP was the scene for presenting the latest creation by BeOn Automotive: the Aprilia SXV 450/550 GP.

    Nueva Aprilia SXV 450/550

    Based on the emblematic Aprilia SXV, a technological example by Supermotard, BeOn have produced an innovative product thereby opening a new market within exclusive motorbikes. The result is an exciting motorbike, with power of around 70CV and weighing 120kg. This marvel is an evolution on the 450GP project launched in 2008 by BeOn Automotive.

    Technology, design and exclusivity unite in a new concept which should turn circuits into complete theme parks.

    This SXV-GP is simply a glimpse of the future version fit for the road which will be presented by BeOn Automotive shortly.

    The retail price of this kit is 4,450 €. Price applicable to Spain only. Shipping costs and VAT not included.

    For further information contact us: - Tel. (+34) 699 07 46 49

  • 06/09/2010 - Andalusian Speed Championship - Jerez - 5th Race

    The penultimate Test in the Andalusian Speed Championship took place at Jerez Circuit on 5th September, with many representatives from 450GP.

    The race saw Vicente Hidalgo proclaimed 2010 Champion in the 550 category, who took the lead during most of the race, in front of the highly prepared Supermotard bikes, with best lap time 1:57,067 and distancing himself by almost one second from the competitors behind him, until a mechanical error made him lose control in the Dry Sack curve. He let Andrés Fernandez get ahead of him and go on to win the race. Fernandez was joined on the podium by Antonio J Tejero and Vicente Hidalgo.

    Andalusian Championship - Jerez - 5th Race

    The next race takes place on 10th October at Monteblanco Circuit.

    For further information contact us: - Tel. (+34) 699 07 46 49

  • 15/07/2010 - 450GP Adjustable front fork cartridge Kit.

    Specifically designed for 450GP Front Fork. Done simply by replacing the whole group of original cartridges with our Cartridge R-evolution, fitted with oversized piston, progressive system, Preload / Compression / Rebound external regulations. Altogether guaranteeing more precision and a better performance when riding.

    450GP Adjustable front fork cartridge

    For further information contact us: - Tel. (+34) 699 07 46 49

  • 29/06/2010 - Honda CRF 450 GP - Special Offer

    Live the safest way of riding a Racing bike with this new Special Offer, competing against other riders from 450GP Championships:

    - 2006 Honda CRF 450 + BeOn 450GP Kit (3 hours used)

    Honda CRF 450 GP.Oferta Julio 2010

    ** 2010 July, Special Offer: 7,000 € + VAT. Original MX components included.**

    For further information contact us: - Tel. (+34) 699 07 46 49

  • 11/06/2010 - Be a Official Rider

    If you are thinking about racing without worrying, that's your chance: 450GP for rent! You will enjoy riding pure motorcycling with a reasonable cost. BeOn offers two official motorbikes for 2010 450GP Championship.

    You will only have to be at the circuit completely uniformed and showing your best riding a 450GP. 900 Euros (VAT inc.) it is the Price, two Qualifying practices and the Race with a 450GP. Inscription, new couple of tires, fuel, box, experimented mechanic and technical advice, it is all included.

    Piloto Oficial 450 GP 2010

    Next race, 20th of June at Montmeló Circuit. Make your reservation now and prepare your mind for the "Experience of your life". Limited places.

    For further information contact us:

  • 31/05/2010 - 450GP Championship : First Date

    The 450GP Championship 2010 opening race was held last weekend at the Parcmotor-Castellolí Circuit. The qualifying session placed José Manuel Luis Rita (# 9) in pole position, but the differences in the lap times did little to put him at ease in the race.

    Campeonato 2010 450GP en Castelloli

    Right from the first lap there was a constant struggle between Rita, Igor Amado (# 14 Beta-Supertrack) and Oscar Ibañez (# 99). The three riders were engaged in an ongoing battle and it was impossible to predict the outcome. On the last lap, Amado began having trouble with his bike exhaust which relegated him to third place. Ibañez couldn't escape Rita's attack and in the last few metres Rita went ahead to pass the chequered flag. Behind them, José María Martín and his Yamaha-Ausió claimed fourth place, followed by Jesus Navas (Honda-MotoHobby). Problems with the gear stick prevented José Antonio Ferreiro from finishing the race and so did a fall for Marc Blasco.

    For further information contact us:

  • 08/03/2010 - 450 GP kit now available for Yamaha YZF 450 2010

    The 450 GP kit is now available for a new bike: Yamaha YZF 450 version 2010.

    Yamaha YZF 450 GP 2010

    For further information contact

  • 23/02/2010 - New 2010 450GP Championships.

    New 2010 450GP Championships!.

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  • 06/10/2009 - 450GP: Third Championship Test

    The spectacular circuit Parcmotor Castellolí held the penultimate race in the 450GP Championship. The new category is growing stronger race by race and Castellolí was no exception.

    The race was carried out at a very fast rhythm, with the fastest lap at 1:55.5. The record achieved by Chema Rita gave him the chance to get a few metres ahead of the rivals pursuing him and thus win the race, taking the definitive first position in the 450GP Championship, with just the Valencia race to go.

    The last race in the Championship will take place in Valencia on 29/11/09. The end of this 450GP Championship will be celebrated with a race with guests from all over Europe.

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  • 11/09/2009 - 450GP Championship - 2nd Race: Alcarrás

    In this, the second race of the Championship, there were new participants in a category that is steadily becoming more popular with both riders and fans. The idea of having motorbikes which are just as fast as they are reliable and affordable is having an impact on the circuits they visit.

    Last Sunday 6th September, the second race in the 450GP Championship took place at Alcarrás Circuit. The race was promoted by the Catalan Motorbike Association and supported by BeOn Automotive.

    Both pole position and the final victory went to Chema Rita (Dinamica55 Team). He was accompanied on the podium by Igor Amado (Supertrack Motos) and guest racer Xavi Rodriguez, who on this occasion swapped his Supermotard in order to feel the tarmac at the controls of a BeOn bike.

    The remaining riders enjoyed an excellent day of racing with no incidents.

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  • 24/07/2009 - BeOn and its 450GP, also in the CEX

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  • 24/07/2009 - The BeOn 450GPs will race in the Open Extremeño de Velocidad

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  • 22/07/2009 - The BeOn 450GPs in the Open Extremeño de Velocidad

    The Open Extremeño will have a new category in the following races of the championship: the 450GP category.


    • 20/09 Guadix
    • 11/10 Parkalgar Portimao
    • 06/12 Albacete

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  • 24/06/2009 - 450GP Championship - 1st Race: Alcarrás

    It cannot be described as simply another normal race, but rather as a further step towards popular motorcycling; attainable, high quality and low cost without losing the essence of motorcycling in its purest form. The 450GP category is advancing steadily, demonstrating its reliability, gaining fans and recognition wherever it touches the tarmac.

    Alcarrás was the setting for the first race in the 450 GP Championships. Chema Rita (55) had pole-position and didn´t waste his opportunity, staying in front throughout the whole race. Also on the podium were Oscar Ibañez (1) and Kevin Sánchez (21). The fastest lap was achieved by Igor Amado (14) 1:47:35 s.

    Next race is on 6th September, once again in Alcarrás to shorten times?

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  • 12/05/2009 - Another chance to enjoy the 450GPs: North and Central Motorcycle Championship, Supermotard category

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  • 12/05/2009 - 450 GP kit now available for Honda CRF 450 2009

    The 450 GP kit is now available for a new bike: Honda CRF 450 version 2009, and BeOn Automotive wants to celebrate it with a special offer.

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